Make your own Pokémon!

Just pick a Pokémon type……..think of a name and what it would look like! For example, I am a dragon type with 170 HP, and my name is Korenano.



    1. Pikakip
      It is the result of a Mudkip and a Pikachu being bred in the daycare.

      It is a Fairy/Dragon type.

      It’s base stats at level 1 are
      Attack: 100
      Defence: 100
      Speed: 100
      Sp. Attack: 100
      Sp. Defence: 100

      It can learn every move there is. But it learns these by leveling up:
      Lv. 1:
      Water pulse
      Tail whip
      Level 10:
      Iron tail
      Level 20: Spacial rend
      Level 30: Fairy Wind
      Level 40: Oblivion wing
      Level 45: Moonblast

      It can learn up to 6 moves rather than the usual amout of 4.

      When traded with a mewtwo, it evolves into Pikakiptwo
      It base stats are doubled in this evolution.

      Height: 1′ 4″
      Weight: 13 lbs

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