The Greatest Pokémon?

Which Pokémon is the greatest of all time? For me it’s Pikachu, but who is YOUR favorite? Explain who and why in the comments.

Catch ya later!



      1. Digimon fans underestimate us. Maybe they could kill off SOME of our Pokemon, but then, we can release the glitch Pokemon and take the Digimon down to glitch city.

  1. Absol because he is the disaster pokemon(boss) and haf of a ying yang(specifically yin and also boss)and even gets a sweg mega evoluution(boss). Do you need more? Yes? Okay absol is a very good pokemon in the game and card game. Absols normal stragegic set requires night skash and the abilaty super luck, an abilaty that raisse the chances of critical hits. Pretty sweg am I right? And that’s why I love absol

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