Which Pokémon Are You?

1. How would you generally describe yourself?

A. Rebellious

B. Strong

C. Helpful

D. Smart

E. Outdoorsy

F. I need a sandwich.


2. What is your favorite school subject?

A. Phys Ed

B. Science

C. History

D. Math

E. Art

F. Lunch


3. What kind of movies do you usually watch?

A. Horror

B. Action

C. Comedy

D. Documentaries

E. Nature

F. Whatever’s on


4. What is your favorite type of music?

A. Heavy Metal

B. Rock

C. Pop

D. Classical

E. Country

F. Silence


5. What would you do if your (alleged 😉 ) crush asked you out.

A. Slap them across the face.

B. Tell them that you are too young to date.

C. Tell them that they are a nice person but you both really aren’t ready for a relationship.

D. Say no and give a bunch of excuses.

E. Say yes.

F. Stare at them blankly.


6. What do you like in a friend?

A. I have no friends.

B. Athletic ability.

C. Somebody honest and reliable.

D. Somebody really smart.

E. Someone artistic.

F. *yawns* This test is boring.


7. A teacher assigns a load of homework over the WEEKEND! How do you react?

A. Throw your books on the floor and yell at the teacher.

B. Groan loudly.

C. Sit there politely.

D. Fist pump! You love homework!

E. Shrug.

F. What homework? I was asleep.



If you answered the most A’s, you are a Mewtwo!

If you answered the most B’s, you are a Charizard!

If you answered the most C’s, you are a Pikachu!

If you answered the most D’s, you are a Kadabra!

If you answered the most E’s, you are a Bulbasaur!

If you answered the most F’s, then you are a Snorlax!

If you are tied between two Pokémon, choose whichever one you want!




  1. Tied between Pikachu and Charizard…

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