Well no one ever posts anythin here anymore  and I wanted to ask if anyone wants to have a battle,     6 v 6 ou tier in x and y


WONDER TRADE WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Beiber Treeckos?

Don’t miss out on my Wonder Trade Wednesday. But, I don’t know when I’ll be ready to start trading, so stay tuned.

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Soon, I am going to trade a whole box of Treecko that I am breeding from a Treecko and Bulbasaur I got from the GTS!
It might happen this Wednesday, or maybe next Wednesday.
Anyways, each Treecko will be nicknamed: Beliber4ever as a joke. But, there are TWO exceptions.
One Treecko will be nicknamed: #YOLOSWAG and be holding Black Glasses. Another one will be named: Foo Fighter and will be Super Trained to have Large Speed, Attack, and Defence stats!
You don’t want to miss this! Tune into wonder trade once I figure out which day it will be!

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I’m making happen, RIGHT HERE at!!!
Here’s how to enter:
1: Have a copy of a gen 6 pokemon game.
2: Don’t use Pokemon that have been illegally obtained i.e. Action replay codes/ glitches.
3: The following Pokemon cannot be entered: Volcanion, Hoopa,and Diancie.
4: The moves Selfdestruct and Explosion aren’t allowed to be used.
5: Pokemon levels are set to level 50. Battle style is shift. Battles are single battles.
6: Fill out the following:
Trainer name:
3DS Friend Code:

You are not allowed to enter after November 23. Party updates must be reported on this page. You are only allowed to swap ONE Pokemon for another Inbetween battles.